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Villains of Bollywood


Bollywood is incomplete without our super villains. They are mean – probably the meanest we will ever encounter. What if the mean battled the mean? We invited the most badass villains of Bollywood to play Teen Patti. Just grab a bucket of popcorn, sit back, and enjoy the show.

They are at the table and they are dealt cards…thus begins the game…

  1. Mogambo is dealt good cards. He’s holding a pure sequence so he happily raises the bet. ezgif-com-add-text-6
  2. Gabbar Singh isn’t dealt good cards so he slaps Dr. Dang and snatches his cards away. 2
  3. Of course, Dr. Dang ain’t letting Gabbar Singh off easily. ezgif-com-optimize-4
  4. Kesariya Vilayti doesn’t like people fighting during his turn…so he warns them. ezgif-com-optimize-1
  5. At first, Langda Tyagi thought he was dealt good cards… he has a trio but someone else has higher cards than him. What rotten fate! ezgif-com-optimize-2
  6. Russels thinks he can win against all odds so he raises his bet three folds.ezgif-com-add-text-1
  7. Even Ajit raises his bet. He’s the king, after all.ezgif-com-optimize-3
  8. Ramadhir Singh catches Russels’ bluff.bollywood-6
  9. Bulla never plays blind. He immediately sees his cards and asks for a show.bollywood-16
  10. However, Shakaal has the best cards, and wins the game.ezgif-com-add-text-7

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