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New Feature – Variations

variations_v2We have always tried to improve our players’ gaming experience by constantly innovating and introducing new features. As a result of one of our such attempts, we recently launched Variations.

Here’s a small Q&A to introduce you to our new feature, and also share the plans we have for UTP on the Variations front.

1. How many variations have we introduced and what are they?
We have introduced 6 variations in the system, and they are:
1. Muflis
2. AK47
3. Highest card joker
4. Lowest card joker
5. 10x boot
6. Hukum

2.  How has the initial response to Variations been? 
The response has been fantastic till now – both from the hard core users and the new players. We have received a lot of requests from the players to add new variations that they want in the game, and we are also looking at that. Players are playing more and more on the variations tables because they think it makes the game more exciting and rewarding.

3. Other than the combination of cards that decides the game, how different is Variations from the normal Teen Patti game? 
There is certainly more excitement in Variations which make the game more engaging. People play for higher amounts and that increases the risk as well as returns in the game. The hard core users find this to be exciting and challenging at the same time. Right now, we have introduced relatively universal variations. So, all these variations are combination of cards variants. We do have plans to introduce variations which could be 1 card or 4-5 cards to make it even more exciting for the users. Our goal is to introduce variations which the players want, but without confusing them with a lot of options.

4. Does the app let players suggest a variation that they want? If not, how do you plan which new variation to come up with?
Players are free to suggest newer variations to us via support mails. Right now, a player can choose a variation for a game from the list of available variations… and this list can be expanded. We are carefully looking and evaluating the suggestions we have received by our users as variations was introduced to improve players’ engagement in the first place. We always try to learn from our users’ feedback and would continue doing so. They are free to reach us at

Do you have any questions regarding our new feature? If so, please write to us. We would be glad to answer to your queries. We have always appreciated feedback from our players  as it helps us understand our users’ expectations from the game.

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  1. I am a regular player of Ultimate Teen Patti. I want to know how to get Force Show (Forced Side Show) feature in the game and also what is V.I.P account?

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