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Tips and tricks for playing Teen Patti

tips-n-tricksHave you been playing Ultimate Teen Patti since long and haven’t figured out how to win big yet? Here are few tips and tricks that may help you win some big chips:

  1. Bet small and steady that way you won’t have to worry about losing all your money.


  1. Study your opposition and look at the patterns.


  1. Avoid playing with players who play in a group.


  1. Do not bet too quickly when you have good cards and do not always fold too quickly when you don’t get good cards. Bottom line – don’t be very expressive and easy to read.


  1. If you have good cards and running out of chips then use our hammer feature.ezgif-com-optimize-5
  1. Do not play many games on same table because others may have been observing your pattern.



  1. Login every 4 hours into the game to get bonus chips.


  1. If it’s not your day and not being dealt good cards, try variations. (Stay tuned! Variations are coming soon…)


  1. You may use the chat feature to bluff other players.


  1. Keep playing the game to master it.


You’re ready to win BIG now. Go get ’em, Tiger!

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  1. I hv playing dis game from a long tym,,bt it is a headache to buy chips through banking,,plz plz make it simple for us to buy chips through our main balance of our mobile

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