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Thalaiva plays Teen Patti


Don’t we all know there’s nothing Superstar Rajinikanth ‘can’t’ do’? Rajini can swim against the Tsunami. Rajini can make two parallel lines intersect by just staring at them. Rajini can make fire by rubbing two ice cubes against each other. In fact, Rajini is the reason we don’t have any other superheroes in India. There’s no one like Rajini in the whole universe. Ever wondered what will Rajni do when he plays Teen Patti? True to what legends say, Rajni plays Teen Patti and totally slays it.


  • When Rajini enters the room to play the game…

Translation: Doesn’t my name send a shiver down your spine? Ha!


  • When Rajini wants to bluff…

Translation: You can be a good person. But you shouldn’t be a very good person.


  • When Rajini catches you bluffing…

3 - eng (2).gif


  • When Rajini consoles you after you lose…

Translation: Finished. Finished. What’s done is done.


  • When Rajini requests a sideshow…

Translation: Anything I say once is equivalent to saying it a hundred times.


  • When you use forced sideshow and still can’t see Rajini’s cards…

Translation: Whatever the work may be, I do it only if I like it.


  • Whatever combination of cards Rajini gets becomes the variation…

Translation: The path I walk will be unique.


  • When Rajnikanth loses though he has 3 Ekkas (AAA). Why? Because his opponent has 3 Rajnikants.


  • When Rajni doesn’t have good cards, he understands.

Translation: What you are supposed to get, you’ll surely get. What you are not supposed to, you will never get.


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