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Teen Patti Bollywood Ishtyle

The night is young and the game is on. There’s enough adrenaline rush and glamour. What’s missing is some drama. So, we gathered a few players at our Casino to play Teen Patti in Bollywood style. Let’s just grab some popcorn and watch them play. 


1) That moment you’re dealt good cards…


2) You like playing BLIND for the thrill of it kyunki


3) When you want to bluff, you be like…


4) But if you’re someone who can’t bluff to save your life.


5) You never know who is bluffing…so, never judge a person by his face.


6) When you couldn’t catch your opponent’s bluff.


7) When you want to win the game very badly…


8) You weren’t dealt good cards for many rounds and then you’re suddenly holding three of a kind.


9) You have good cards and one of your opponents requests sideshow


10) When it’s finally time to show your cards and win the game.


11) Keep playing Ultimate Teen Patti because…


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