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New Feature – Forced Sideshow

How many times did you ask a player to show his cards but he refused? Are there too many players and you are running out of chips? Have you already bet too much to just pack at this point in the game? You cannot make everyone show and you can’t keep betting forever (unless you buy more chips). To help you in such situations, we, the team at Ultimate Games, have introduced this new feature just for you.


Hammer (or force sideshow) was a highly requested feature from the users, and it was introduced to create a fair play environment.

As mentioned earlier, it has been one of the highly requested features, and our Product team developed the idea into the feature that you see now. The beta version of Hammer was launched on 14th April 2016 in beta version and it’s been fully accessible to everyone since 15th May 2016.

A new user gets 60 hammers when he starts, and he may get additional hammers with the bonuses given every four hours. Apart from these sources, users can get a large bonus by introducing the app to their friends.


Now, about how hammer works.

Hammer works similar to sideshow feature, which is still there by the way. The user has to bet money into the pot before requesting a sideshow. In a normal sideshow, the recipient of the request can either accept or reject the sideshow. However, with hammer, the recipient has no choice and the game initiates the sideshow directly. You cannot use the hammer on players who are playing blind though.

Once the cards are revealed, the user who requested the sideshow and the one who accepted it (even though forcefully), both compare their cards privately. Whoever has the better hand stays in the game, and if they both have the same cards, the person who asked for the sideshow loses.

We hope you like this new feature. We, at Ultimate Teen Patti, are committed to introducing newer features which make your experience with us better.

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