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How to play Teen Patti?

Creative for the blog copyTeen Patti or Indian Poker is a very popular card game in India, which is also known as flash or flush. In South India, it is known as teen pathi or 3 pathi.

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If you don’t know how to play Teen Patti, then read on…

How to play Teen Patti

  • A standard deck of 52 cards is used to play Teen Patti.
  • Boot amounts are collected from all the players and added to the pot before the cards are dealt to the players.1
  • Cards are dealt to the players one by one till all of them have 3 cards each.
  • The player sitting next to the dealer starts the game. (Game proceeds in clockwise direction.)
  • Once cards are dealt, the player has an option to either see his cards or play without seeing them. If he doesn’t see his cards, then he is playing blind. And he can see his cards at any point in the game as long as he has not folded his cards. 2
  • Once the player plays blind three times in a row, the cards are shown to him at the beginning of the next game.
  • During his turn, if a player who was playing blind until then sees his card, his bet amount will be automatically updated to reflect the corresponding bet amount.
  • During his turn, player will have following options to play:
    • It is same as ‘fold’. Player taps on the Pack button whenever he wants to fold his cards. This button is always enabled. If the player doesn’t have enough chips to place a bet, he either folds his cards or is booted out of the game after the timer runs out.
    • Play Chaal/Blind: You either match the bet or raise your bet depending on how aggressively you want to play. If the player hasn’t seen his cards, then he is playing blind. Else, it’s Chaal.3
    • Side-show is enabled only if a user has seen his cards, and the player before him has seen his cards, too. He can either accept or reject the side-show request. If accepted, their cards are compared, and the player holding higher value cards continues to play and the other player packs. If rejected, game proceeds as usual. It’s a show in case only two players are at the table, irrespective of whether both the players are playing blind or they have seen their cards. Game (including timer) stops once side-show is in progress.5



  • The player who’s playing blind cannot ask for a side-show or cannot be asked by the players who have seen their cards. Side-show can be done only between two players who have seen their cards.
  • No Action: Timer runs out. If no action is taken in the given time, player is automatically booted out of the game and loses his hand.4-14-2

Cards are ranked in the following sets of order:

  • Trio: Three cards of the same rank. AAA > KKK …. 222
  • Pure Sequence: Three consecutive cards of the same suit. AKQ >A23 > KQJ … 432
  • Normal Sequence: Three consecutive cards not all of the same suit. AKQ> A23 > KQJ …. 432
  • Color: Three cards of the same suit that are not in sequence. Between two colors, the high card gets the priority, if both are same then the second highest card gets the priority, and if that’s same too, then whoever has a higher third card wins.
  • Pair: Two cards of the same rank. (AA > KK … 33> 22). In case both players have the same pair, then whoever has a higher third card wins.
  • High card: Three cards that do not belong to any of the above types. The cards are compared and the player holding higher value cards wins. If the highest card matches, then the second highest card is compared. If that’s same, too, then the last card is compared. In case both players have the same value cards, the player who’s been asked for a show is declared as the winner.7-V4 (1).png


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