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A Game of Teen Patti


The game is dark and full of tricks. What if your favorite characters from the popular TV show “Game Of Thrones” are playing Teen Patti?

1) Danaerys always has three of a kind.

2) Jon Snow would play ‘blind’ because like always he knows nothing.

3) Cersei has an interesting trick up her sleeves or was it…

4) Littlefinger requests Cersei a sideshow

5) Jamie is just confused about how to play with one hand.

6) Tyrion Lannister has a great strategy.

7) The Spider’s little birds are all around them and he knows everyone’s cards.

8) Melisandre burns up other’s cards because requesting sideshow is too mainstream.

9) Joffrey Baratheon raises his bet ten folds.

10) Because Hodor

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