Teen Patti Variations for Your Card Parties


Who doesn’t like card parties? Card parties have been a tradition ever since…well, let’s just say for a very long time. If you are attending card parties, or hosting one, then don’t just play the regular Teen Patti like every time. Spice it up by trying interesting variations.

Here, we have listed 10 most interesting and even more challenging variations that you may try:

1) One-eyed Jack – The Jack of Spades and Jack of Hearts are also known as one-eyed jacks, and these cards become jokers. The other two Jacks, that is, Jacks of diamonds and clubs are not one-eyed, and hence do not become jokers.

2) Blackjack – Each player is dealt three cards. Picture cards (Jacks, Queens and Kings) carry 10 points, aces carry 1 or 11 points, and all other cards carry points as per their face value. The numbers are added. Like in “Blackjack”, 22 points and over get bust, while the player having the highest number of points, up to 21, wins.

3) Rotating Jokers – Everyone is dealt three cards and another card is kept open in front of every player. This fourth card will be everyone’s private joker until a player folds and his fourth card becomes the universal joker. 

4) In and out – Everyone is dealt three cards and then the dealer opens three other cards on the table. Everyone is asked whether they want to continue in the game, if they say “in” they stay, and if they say “out” they fold and their cards become the new jokers.

5) Banko – Here, each player plays separately. During a player’s turn, the dealer opens cards in front of him and the player has to bet based on how likely he thinks the next card will lie in between the two open cards. Ex: If 2 and 9 are the two open cards, then the player has to bet depending on whether he thinks the next card will be in between 2 and 9.

6) Closest to 555 – Three cards each are dealt to everyone. The player whose cards are closest to 555 after arranging the cards as digits (ace becomes 1 and picture cards are 0s) wins the game. Closest can be either greater or lower than 555.

7) One joker, one bust – Each player is dealt three cards, and two cards are kept on the table face down. One of them is a ‘joker’ and another is a ‘bust’ card. Here, any player who holds a bust card has to fold.

8) Kiss, love and marriage – Five cards each are dealt to all the players. They can combine two cards to make a joker. 

It’s a Kiss when two successive cards make a joker. Ex: 23, 56, KQ etc
It’s Love when two cards with a card missing in between in the sequence make a joker. Ex: 24, 46, KJ etc
It’s a Marriage when two cards of the same value, or a pair, make a joker. Ex: 22, AA, KK etc

9) MuflisThe weakest hand wins. Here, the card with lowest value becomes the card with the highest value, and the card with the highest value becomes the card with the lowest value. 2,3,5 is the best combination here.

10) Blind Man’s bluff – Each player is dealt a card. Without seeing his card, the player sticks it to his forehead so that the other players can see it. Then the player starts betting on his card based on estimation about the value of his card.  

We hope you have fun trying out all the variations that are listed above. If you want to play Teen Patti on the go, then download Ultimate Teen Patti – India’s best Teen Patti app NOW, and start playing.

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