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10 signs you’re addicted to Teen Patti

human-character6Last year, there was an instance when Ultimate Teen Patti generated revenues higher than the popular mobile game Candy Crush, suggesting gamers’ preference for the Indian card game. Teen Patti that was limited to living rooms of most of the Indian households, and generally played during festivals, was/is available for free and can be played on Android and iOS. It was only a matter of time before people got addicted to playing Teen Patti online. If you are one of them, then you may be able to relate to this article.

1. You’re seen playing Teen Patti whenever you’re stuck in traffic.happface1

2. You let your girlfriend/wife take her time getting ready and you play Teen Patti while you wait.happface2

3. You would rather spend your weekends playing Teen Patti instead of watching box office flops with your friends whose taste in movies suck.tongue-out

4. You crack Teen Patti jokes at social gatherings.happface3

5. You relate all the motivational quotes you read anywhere and everywhere to your Teen Patti experiences.thumsup

6. You use your Teen Patti app more than you use Facebook or Twitter.smart

7. You have already invited everybody on your Facebook friend list to earn all the extra chips.greedy

8. You like playing Blind.peekaboo

9. You were elated when Ultimate Games introduced Hammer feature.love

10. Teen Patti has ruined you so much that even if your girl calls you shona, you say…confused

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78 thoughts on “10 signs you’re addicted to Teen Patti

  1. It’s a self confidence booster. It teaches you how to watch your surrounding players and have confidence in your self to play. Love this game.

  2. Me gusta mucho este juego pero yo compro mucho chips pe simpre lo pierdo con buena crta o simpre no me entra la carta bueno y sigo perdiendo pero bueno gracia

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